Vision Statement

Trochu Baptist Church is a community of caring believers devoted to worshiping and Glorifying God.

Mission Statement

As a community of caring believers we are devoted to worshiping and glorifying God through Equipping, Encouraging, Enabling, and Evangelizing. We strive to know Christ personally and make Him known within our community and around the world.
Equipping – “declaring the whole purpose of God as revealed in scripture .“
(Acts 20:27, Col 1:28)
We help people discover how God has uniquely gifted them to serve Him We provide opportunities and tools for personal and spiritual growth
Enabling – “providing opportunities for faithful men (and women) to receive
the training required so they are able to teach others.”
(2Tim 2:2)
We encourage and allow individuals to use their spiritual gifts in ministries and small
groups engaging people in worship
Encouraging – “by love and good works” “continuing steadfast …. in fellowship
and in prayers.”
( Acts 2:42, Hebrews 10 :24)
We encourage positive relationships with all
Evangelizing – “go into all the world and make disciples of all nations … beginning at home.” (Matt 8: 16-20)
We have a personal and corporate responsibility to make disciples
within our community and abroad.

Core Values & Beliefs

Our Core Values are our essential and enduring general guiding principles.
By “essential” we mean fundamental, indispensable, coming from the core.
They are “enduring” because they are so deeply held that they should never be
compromised. They are “guiding principles” because they serve as the first filter
for all our decisions, actions and interactions. Before we do or say anything we ask
ourselves, “By doing or saying this are we striving to live our values?”
We believe that prayer is a way of life for all believers and is essential in building
our intimate relationship with Christ. We seek through prayer, both individually and
corporately, God’s direction and strength to complete the ministries and actions He
has given us. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
We believe missions is God raising up worshipers from every people group
through His church. The Great Commission is the responsibility of every believer.
We will propagate the good news of salvation to the lost in our community and
abroad, train believers to give personal testimony of their faith in Christ, and send
out and support missionaries until all people become followers of Jesus Christ.
Revelation 7:9 and Matthew 28:18-20
We believe discipleship is becoming more like Christ and is a responsibility
of all believers. Discipleship is a process of one generation of believers teaching the
next through relationships, as well as individual and group studies and experiences.
Matthew 28:19-20, Ephesians 4:11-13 and 2 Timothy 2:2
We believe fellowship and cultivating relationships is a primary means for
discipleship, encouraging one another, sharing our lives with each other, and
meeting one another’s needs. We make fellowship a habit—meeting together with
other believers in large meetings, in organized small groups and in various informal
gatherings. Acts 2:42; Galatians 6:2 1 Thessalonians 2:8.
We believe family is a key element in building a lasting legacy for future generations
so we:
(a) put particular emphasis on guarding, guiding, growing, and restoring families;
(b) acknowledge diverse needs and capacities among differing generations; and
(c) reach beyond ourselves to serve and be served by those of differing age groups.
We believe it is important to open our doors and our hearts in an atmosphere
of acceptance and inclusiveness. Christ’s love is extended to embrace and
engage people outside and inside our church in order to transform lives. We seek to
provide an environment where all people can personally encounter God.
We believe as a community in Jesus Christ we are to be known by our love for
one another. We care for and love one another through our commitment to God
and each other. We regularly meet, encourage, strengthen and hold each other
accountable in a demonstration of this love. John 13:34-35

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